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Horizon - Rwanda

Horizon - Rwanda

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Coffee Profile

Varietals  Red Bourbon

Process    Natural 

Altitude 1650 MSL

Location - Kigoma sector, Huye Mountain area

Flavour profile

Macerated cherry, papaya, ginger, dark chocolate, heavy body and intensely spicy

Producer profile

Not far from sister stations Bwenda and Gitega Hills is the Horizon station, found in the neighbouring Kigoma sector. The story behind Horizon’s name is a curious and slightly unsettling one. Sometime after the station was built in 2006, production was halted when the original owner was arrested and jailed due to his involvement in the genocide of 1994. The station lay dormant until RTC re-established production in partnership with its new owner, Fdel. 94 people are employed by the station with 4 full-time. 70% of staff are women.