If you like what we do and what we stand for, why not grab yourself an Honest Grind Coffee subscription? Every penny goes back into supporting the young people on their journey through learning new skills that will aid them secure future employment. We pay the equivalent of the London Living Wage, educate using industry professionals and train on industry standard equipment.

Your support means the world to us and will make the world of difference to the young people that make up the Honest Grind Crew.

Delivery is free, it’s simple to set up and you can cancel whenever you want. Ready? Let’s get started with how you brew.

  • Espresso

    Are you a home barista? Prefer to take milk in your coffee? Choose Espresso if you brew with an espresso machine, stove top or moka pot. These beans are roasted slightly darker, deliver a classic deeper flavour and hold up well to punchier brew methods.

    Somers Town Espresso works well black or with milk as a latte, cap or mocha.

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  • Filter

    Prefer a slower brew? These beans tend to be roasted lighter, bringing the floral and fruity notes to the fore, and really shine with slower, more gentle brew methods like V60, Chemex and filter. 

    Slowly Slowly is best served black using any of the above methods.

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