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Somers Town Espresso

Somers Town Espresso

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Varietal –  Heirloom
Preparation – Fully washed
Location – Jimma, Ethiopia
Altitude – 1,780 metres above sea level

So good, it’s got our name on it. This full bodied roast is bursting with stone fruits and notes of caramel and toffee, and is delicious to the last drop. 

This coffee sings out regardless of brew method, its deep complexity and brown sugar sweetness holds up to espresso, while adding milk melts into notes of chocolate and hazelnut. If you have the time though, this coffee develops dizzy new heights as a filter drip or pour over. 


Organically grown in the Jimma Zone of Western Ethiopia and farmed by local legend, Mustefa Abakeno, a smallholder in the Agaro region. Beshasha, the name of the wet mill used to process the beans, was set up by Mustefa to benefit the local growers in the region, and can be translated as ‘open handed’, ‘generous’ and ‘kind’.