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Avalon - Legendary Decaf

Avalon - Legendary Decaf

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Varietal –  Colombia, Caturra and Castillo
Preparation – Sugar cane process
Location – San Lorenzo, Colombia
Altitude – 1,700 metres above sea level

Don’t pinch yourself, this dreamlike decaf is the real deal. No caffeine, no compromise, our Avalon roast from San Lorenzo in Columbia is a beautifully balanced cup. Creamy milk chocolate and hazelnut, followed by sweet toffee and soft blueberry acidity, delicious.

You can take this any way you like, press, pour or pull, you need to brew it to believe it.


Gone are the days when decaf was ordered on the down low. It suffered from an inferior taste complex and the harsh chemicals used to remove the caffeine were straight up bad for the environment.

We are proud to source and serve our decaf beans fresh from San Lorenzo, Colombia, a farm who have a brilliant and natural decaffeination process that uses water, steam and ethyl acetate (derived purely from fermented sugar cane). It’s not only natural, it also preserves the complexities and flavour profile of the beans. Win. Win.